Interlude is an intervening body of work that breaks from the studio’s narrative progression of Acts to inaugurate Apparatus editions. This limited work indulges in fine handcraft pushed beyond the boundaries of the studio’s production pieces.
Musical references inform the collection, with motifs evoking synesthetic interpretations of notes on a score, and a pair of cabinets conceived in the compositional tradition of theme and variation. hand embroidery, alabaster, carpathian burl, and eel skin ground the collection in decorative references, while playful proportion and scale carry the work into a historical fantasy.
Interlude includes the studio’s second short film, made in collaboration with Matthew Placek, which brings to life the fantasy of a shuttered modernist opera house. The imagined space shaped the collection from its conception and illustrates the fundamental role of the exploration of space, real or invented, in informing artistic director Gabriel Hendifar’s process.