Apparatus + Pierre Frey

A textile collaboration between Apparatus and Pierre Frey, Isfahan is a modernist interpretation of the intricate, geometric style of Persian marquetry called Khatam. The ancient technique uses thousands of pieces of wood, metal, and camel bone to wrap the surface of forms in a kaleidoscopic pattern. Isfahan, which was once one of the largest cities in the world, has historically been the meeting point of ideas exchanged between east and west, and is one of the few centers where the art of Khatam is still practiced today. The detail and complexity of the pattern speaks to the intense and sacred implications of the art. Through the neo-futurist lens of Apparatus, the textile balances ancient and modern geometry, remaining faithful to both its heritage and the studios rich vocabulary. Le Manach, the distinguished french textile house recently reinvigorated by Pierre Frey, brings nearly two centuries of impeccable experience to the weaving of Isfahan. East and west are bridged through this collaboration, translating a Persian art form into a textile woven in the french tradition. Available exclusively through Pierre Frey